Darrin Searancke
deepr communications

Originally from New Zealand, my passion during the 80s-90s (music & talking) transitioned into a 10 year career in Commercial Radio (the original social media) where I was employed in several roles – primarily On Air Announcer, but also Copy Writer, Audio Production Manager, and Promotions Organizer.

Radio allowed me to develop the skill of fast, efficient communication, working to tight deadlines, while positively marketing products/services to the listening public. The correlation between On-air Announcing/Copywriting and Social Media Marketing (to engage directly with your audience) is seamless to me. I am passionate about helping businesses understand and thrive on-line with Social Media and Email Marketing, utilizing applicable digital media providers/services.

My career in Graphic Design allows me to develop effective branding online, creating and editing your graphics as required.  I’m happy to work closely with you/your staff to create the online presence, develop on-going communication strategies across digital channels, then measure and show you the value an online marketing strategy adds to your business.

Happy to meet with you for a chat over coffee to discuss your company’s digital strategy –  Tweet, email or call me (587) 577-5358.